The origin of UFOs

The Origin of UFOs A = B = C : The Aliens Have Landed! 2013 Mixed media on canvas, plastic, and video on flat screen 100 x 150 x 4 c m Note: The flat screen on the LHS shows a short cartoon 1.34 mins (looped to play continuously) on the theme of demystifying the UFO phenomenon. A single viewing of the cartoon can be found on YouTube: (NB click ‘Full Screen’ for best view) : , or via link on the ‘Links’ page, or below the ‘thumb nail’ view of the Gallery page. With thanks for technical assistance from ‘doomtube’: ………………………………………….. Narrative: The Origin of UFOs; demystifying the UFO phenomenon; the early building blocks of the the mind. (1) what is a human beings earliest experience? (2) What is the earliest thing a human sees? (3) babies have very short eye focus***. What does a human look like to a baby? cf distorted, alien. (4) Nappy changing? = body invasion cf an abduction experience! (3) Movement of breast cf UFO (‘mother’ ship) flies erratically & fast. (4) Stressed adult may regurgite early building blocks of experience cf magma thrown up from deep within volcanoes. ***Up to 3 months, babies can focus only up to 8-10 inches away, the distance of a mother’s face when nursing; and they see only black, white and gray. As their color vision begins to develop, babies will see red first (Martians!)

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