In 2013 Moich was a prize winner at the Rootstein Hopkins Drawing Exhibition at the Morley Gallery. His work has been selected for many shows, eg the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Whitechapel Gallery, the Discerning Eye at the Mall Galleries, Mauger Modern Art in Bath and The British Drawing Show at the Hayward Gallery. Moich has shown many times with the London Group since 1975 and was elected member in 1977.

Moich enjoys combining spontaneity and playfulness with exploring deeper aspects of the unconscious. He is fascinated with both unwrapping the mysterious and reinventing child-like expressiveness. Central to this process is the art of ‘letting go’.

Art Manifesto:
“Since everything is none other
than exactly as it is
one may well just break out in laughter.”
(Long Chen Pa)

Moich lives in Battersea and has his studio in Streatham

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